Tips For Coping With Infertility

6 January 2016
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Infertility is a hard thing for anyone to deal with. It can be especially difficult if your heart is set on having children. Here are some tips for dealing with infertility so that you can continue functioning in your everyday life.

1. Let Yourself Mourn Your Loss

Not being able to have babies biologically can be a loss. You might be tempted to brush off the news like it's no big deal, but if you know for a fact that you aren't going to be able to have children, then you have lost something. Losing things hurts. It's okay to feel a sense of loss even if you are working on fertility treatments because not being able to have children can feel insurmountably sad. This is important to remember. You need to be able to keep your hope alive, but you also need to give yourself the time and space that you need to grieve and to understand the emotions that you are experiencing.

2. Set Monetary Limits and Time Limits

In order to keep yourself from going crazy with effort, you need to put limits on how much money and how much time you are willing to spend on working on infertility treatments. Infertility treatments work for many people, and you often have to try several before you find the one that sticks. However, you need to make sure that you don't bankrupt yourself in the process because when one does work out, you want to be financially secure enough to be able to raise your child to the best of your ability. In the small case that the treatments are not effective, you need to make sure that you set a time limit on how long you are willing to try in order to make sure that, should none of the treatments work, that you are able to move on with your life.

3. Stay Informed About Treatments 

Finally, before you start any treatment possibilities, make sure that you know exactly what the odds of success are, what the risks and complications are, and what you're going to be paying for follow-up treatments. This is important because if you know a lot about the various treatments, you will be able to make informed decisions regarding what you're going to want to do and will be able to pick the treatments that are most appropriate for your budget and for your lifestyle.