6 Tips To Prepare For A Visit With A Gynecologist

19 September 2022
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It is important for women of all ages to schedule regular visits with their gynecologist. Gynecologists can diagnose and treat a wide range of women's health issues, from painful periods to polycystic ovarian syndrome, and can help women stay in good health. If you are visiting a gynecologist soon, here are a few tips to get prepared. Avoid Douching If you are self-conscious about vaginal odors, you are definitely not alone. Read More 

High-Risk Pregnancy: Frequently Asked Questions

11 April 2022
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Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have had many successful births, each pregnancy is a unique and exciting experience. In many cases, a pregnancy is deemed high risk by a woman's obstetrician, which can be confusing and a little scary, if you do not understand what makes a pregnancy high risk. Here are the answers to a few questions you might have about high-risk pregnancies. What Is Considered a High-Risk Pregnancy? Read More